My Shed Plans Review – Are These 12,000 Shed Plans Unique?

My Shed Plans Review – Are These 12,000 Shed Plans Unique?

Hello, Shed PlanIf you are tired of all those useless and fake reviews on Ryan’s My Shed Plans and now you want to find out real truth about this shed plan then you have reached to the right place.

I am sure you are already familiar with Ryan’s Shed Plans and it is also possible that you have also watched countless testimonials on Youtube. But let me tell you, more than 90% of these testimonials are from people who don’t even create one project from it.

I have created quite a few woodworking projects and share my tips with my fans on Facebook page. Many people asked me about Ryan’s Shed Plans on my Facebook page so I decided to give my unbiased and honest review that will help my readers to make informed and intelligent final buying decision.

In this review I have revealed each and every thing that I discover in this shed plan (including pros and cons) and I hope my review will clear your all doubts.

Let’s start this review

What is Included in Ryan’s Shed Plans?

  1. 12,000 Shed Plans with step-by-step instructions and clear pictures
  2. Advanced Woodworking Tips that are used by professional woodworkers to make their project attractive
  3. Magic Modification guide that provide tricks on how to modify your shed plans according to available space
  4. Up-to-date directory of suppliers that you can use to find where to get quality woods and tools at cheap price
  5. Guide with 400 Woodworking projects with clear pictures and diagrams

Brief Overview of My Shed Plans And Its Highlighted Features:

Ryan's My Shed PlansThis is the collection of 12,000 shed plans created by Ryan Henderson for all those people who want to save their money by creating their own shed. In this plan Ryan has shared step-by-step blueprint along with clear pictures and diagram that make easy for anyone to utilize them. Additionally, Ryan has also shared the list of material with every shed plan which will save money and time both.

This shed plan is not only for beginner instead experts and professionals woodworkers can also take help from Ryan’s Shed Plan as it contains useful tips and tricks that will improve existing sheds and attract people and customers both.

Ryan Henderson is the professional craftsman that has more than 20 years of experience in woodworking. Ryan has shared his every technique inside this plan that he used to create wooden sheds.

This plan is laid in so simple way you can start building your shed within weeks doesn’t matter if you never create any woodworking project before or you failed in past. Here are some features that make Ryan’s shed plan different from its competitors:

  • 12,000 shed plans covering from smaller ones to large ones.
  • Complete list of materials and tools with EVERY project
  • 3D CAD images that will give you idea of how your project will going to look
  • Advanced tips and techniques used by professionals in creating shed plans
  • Clear and detailed pictures from all angels included with every project
  • Worksheet that show you how to modify any shed plan according to available space
  • And much more…

Do You Really Need Ryan’s Shed Plans?

It totally depends on you!!

You DON’T need Ryan’s My Shed Plans if you think you are experienced enough to create your own shed plan without any plan and you already created 2-3 shed houses with ease


You still DON’T need Ryan’s Shed plan if you don’t mind in going home depot (may be 2-3 times) and pay their employee to fix holes in the project you are working in.


You DO need Ryan’s shed plan if you love building and want access to thousands of shed plan that will save your money and time. You are prime candidate if you want to create shed plan with your own hands and save hundreds of dollars and time.

Additionally, Ryan is also offering ‘No Question Asked’ 60-days money back guarantee and in case if you don’t like it then you can return it and get your money back. I recommend you to give a try to Ryan’s Shed Plan because I am satisfied with this plan and I hope you will be also satisfy once you get it.

Strong Points

  • Big collection of 12,000 shed plans along with step-by-step blueprint and clear pictures and diagram
  • 3D images that give view on how shed plan will going to look once it complete
  • Provide 400 woodworking plans that are divided into different categories
  • Complete materials and cuttings list with every project that saves money on buying extra items
  • Lifetime Customer Support that you can use to ask any question regarding woodworking
  • Full 60-days “No Question Asked” Money Back guarantee

 Weak Points:

The projects is laid out in such a style that it needs time to figure out which plan is best suited according to the requirements and resources available. Additionally, all plans are not laid in same way and there is no way to sort out which plan is actually for beginner and which ones are for expert level.

There are no videos and everything is laid in PDF files. I feel videos save a lot of time but I know some people don’t agree with it.

Final Verdict – Do I Recommend Ryan’s Shed Plans?

As with any other plan of this type, Ryan’s shed plans contain some positive points and some negative points. However, it is important for everyone to understand that Ryan has provided material that is worth more than its product cost.

Overall, I give my thumbs up and recommend Ryan’s My Shed Plans to everyone who likes woodworking and looking for step-by-step guidelines on creating shed. Don’t forget Ryan offers 60-days money back guarantee that provide much needed relieve and there is absolutely no risk in testing it out. Give it a try and let me know your results.

Give a Try To My Shed Plans and Start Your Dream Project Today

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