Can Make Him Desire You Helps You In Improving Your Dating Skills?

Can Make Him Desire You Helps You In Improving Your Dating Skills?

DatingHello I am Linda Robert and I created this website to write down my unbiased review on Alex Carter’s Make Him Desire You.

Before reaching to this website, probably you heard the name of this dating guide around the internet and may be you read review regarding this program from different website but still there are still some questions in your mind that are unanswered.

This is because many people don’t read the guide before reading their review that’s why they left out critical information about the product.


Don’t worry in this website you are going to read my unbiased review because I have not only downloaded this program but also applied it practically and now I am in position from where I can show you right guidance regarding this program.

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What is Make Him Desire You?

make him desire you bookIt is dating guide for women created by Alex Carter in which women will learn how to improve their relationship by understanding men in better way. It is 174 pages guide which is jam-pack with quality information and tips about improving relationship with men at any stage.

There are lots of dating programs that are available on the internet but they are mostly focuses on both the sexes. We all know men and women are completely different that is why Alex Carter created dating program especially for women who want to improve their attraction skills and want to make her boyfriend or husband to remain committed for long term.

Alex Carter designed this guide in such a way that it works for women at every stage. Either you want to get Mr. Right or want to improve your relationship with your dream man this guide will help you.

Here is short-video that will explain more about this program:


Who is Alex Carter?

Alex Carter is very famous relationship and dating expert that is helping men and women in improving their attraction skills. Alex previously released few dating programs focus only on men but this time he created dating program specifically for women.

Alex owns a relationship and dating blog in which he shares lots of dating tips for men and women on daily basis. And he also made lots of appearance on different TV shows.

Detailed Information:

Here is the screenshot of Make Him Desire You Index Page


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Here is what you are going to learn inside Make Him Desire You:

Section 1 – Emotions are Everything: There are lots of men and women that think emotions are only for women which is not completely true. Men control their emotions but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any emotions. If any girl triggers right emotions into man’s mind then he can even go bankrupt to make her girl pleased.

Section 2 – The Emotional Attraction Scale – In this section Alex created an attraction scale from 1 to 10 which able you to understand what level of attraction you have in your relationship. This attraction scale is the foundation of any relationship and helps you in taking your relationship to the next level.

Section 3 – The Investment Mechanism – In this chapter Alex explains simple rule of investment in your man to increase the attraction. You will find tips and techniques about how to keep investment in the relationship at equal level to increase attraction of your man.

Section 4 – The Value Concept – In this section you are going to discover three simple factors that will determine your value in the relationship. No it is not able how your boyfriend or husband treating you instead it is about how you treating yourself in the relationship.

Section 5 – Emotional Tune up Method: This is the single method that will increase the attraction in your relationship. According to this method you will learn why men like to win the competition and how to keep yourself little mysterious to keep him chasing you.

Section 6 – How to Hit the Sweet Spot of Desire: If you chase too much for a guy then you will become needy but if you show too much uninterested then he will feel overwhelmed that is why in this chapter you learn how to equal the chase and keep interest in your relationship.

Section 7 – How to Read His Mind: This chapter revealed most confusing topic of every relationship and that is how to read man’s mind. Alex also shared techniques that will give you access to his mind.

Section 8 – Men Have a Small Emotion Tank – In this chapter you will discover how emotions works in men world and how men deals with these emotions

Section 9 – How Communication Works For a Men – This chapter covers how communication works in men world and how to fill communication gap in the relationship to keep his interest in you and your relationship.

relationshipSection 10 – How to Make Him Do Anything – In this chapter you will discover few words that will make your man to do anything for you.

Section 11 – Capture His Heart by Revealing Your Imperfections: Yes, that’s right in this chapter you will discover how to capture your man’s heart by revealing your imperfections.

Section 12 – What do I get If I Give You a Ring? – Many men think creating relationship mean say good-bye to freedom that’s why in this chapter Alex describe three ways that will bring your man closer to you and he will try to propose you and marry you.

Section 13 – What to do if He Leaves for Someone Else? – Well this chapter created for all those girls that want to get their boyfriend after breakup. This chapter covers steps that will bring ex boyfriend crawling back in his knees.



After reading Make Him Desire You, I must say Alex truly did great work in creating a dating and relationship program that revealed some valuable tips and techniques that are not available anywhere else. I recommend this guide to every girl that want to increase their attraction skills and want to improve their relationship with the men.


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